Young Call Center Team Talking With Customers

AnyHour Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive, 24/7/365, retail call/contact center outsourcing services for credit unions and community banks via our AnyHour MSR and AnyHour Loan-By-Phone services. These services are typically used to supplement an institution’s internal retail member/customer service operation with overflow and after hours/weekend call, email, and live chat support. Our purpose is to help our client partners to alleviate internal contact center staffing issues while enhancing member/customer service levels and reducing operating expenses. Our goal is to provide Service They Will Remember.

Reasons to consider AnyHour Solutions:

  • Unparalleled Experience. AnyHour Solutions has been providing call/contact center outsourcing services to strictly financial institutions for nearly 30 years. We have a very experienced core group of career agents who have been with us many years.
  • Focus. Unlike most of our competitors, providing call center outsourcing services to financial institutions is our ONLY business. And we have no intention of deviating from this business focus.
  • Core Connection. We establish a real-time, secure connection/integration from our call center system to your core processing system (via the core API). We’ve already completed this integration for most core systems in the financial industry. Plus, our IT group will write the integration to any other systems you require.
  • Full Service. With this core integration our call agents can typically handle 80 to 90% of the total customer/member inquiries coming into your institution. Services include access to all accounts and transaction history, ATM/debit card/credit card support including fraud assistance, internet/mobile banking support (i.e., PIN resets), taking loan applications, and a knowledge base customized for your institution.
  • Ticketing Portal. For those requests that you prefer us to send back to your institution, our agents key into a secure portal that you can easily access anytime.
  • Call Disruptions. AnyHour is also there to assist during any minor, or major, disruption events (weather issues, short-staffed in your call center, power outages, IT network issues, breach/phishing scams, any type of conversion event – e.g., chipcard, home banking, core). AnyHour helped many of our clients to get through the recent pandemic when call volumes escalated. We can also become a key part of your business continuity strategy.
  • Additional Services.  AnyHour has also added our AnyHour Fraud Prevention (REDi integration for debit card fraud prevention) and AnyHour AI – digital self-service chatbot designed specifically for financial institutions.


“Our credit union was looking for a call center solution that provided a seamless interface with our existing data processing system, as well as call center staff that provided the same high level of service our members have come to expect. AnyHour Solutions was able to satisfy both requirements, and has proven to be the right partner for our call center needs.”
– Mark T. Filbert, President/CEO, NE PA Community Federal Credit Union (Stroudsburg, PA)


“First Community Credit Union selected AnyHour Solutions to supplement our internal call center with after-hour call support service to our members. AnyHour’s strong integration with our core system enables their agents to deliver the same individualized financial experience FCCU members have come to expect. In addition, we are pleased to have AnyHour provide overflow assistance that has shortened wait times and further enhance member service. This added service has provided a much needed benefit to our members.”
– Velsie Borja, SVP Operations, First Community Credit Union ($2B assets, 145,000 members)


“AnyHour offered Greater Texas a full-coverage solution with flexibility and customization that competitors could not match. They place a great deal of emphasis on training which was very reassuring to us. Lastly, AnyHour’s experience with Credit Unions and their commitment to uphold the high standard of service the Credit Union movement is known for was a major selling point.”
– Eric Jensen, AVP, Greater Texas Federal Credit Union ($650M assets, 71,000 members)


“Solidarity CFCU is converting our core system to Corelation’s Keystone product as well as our Online and Mobile Banking to Access Softek. In anticipation of this transition and expected call volumes, Solidarity has partnered with AnyHour Solutions. This partnership will offer our members 24×7 support.”
– Amy Benner, EVP, Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union ($270M assets, 27,000 members)


“After careful consideration, Charlotte Metro Credit Union chose to partner with AnyHour Solutions to offer expanded 24/7 Contact Center service for our membership. AnyHour’s strong integration with our core system enables their agents to deliver the same individualized financial experience Charlotte Metro members have come to expect both during and beyond the business day. In addition, we are thrilled to have AnyHour provide overflow assistance, helping to shorten wait times and further enhance member service.”
– Nicol Matthews – COO, Charlotte Metro Credit Union, $470M assets


“America’s First Federal Credit Union has selected AnyHour Solutions to extend our existing call center support for our members. Their breadth of experience with credit union members along with their state-of-the-art technology and streamlined integration process provided the level of confidence that we needed to turn to a third party solution. This added service will provide a much needed benefit to our members.”
– Travis Vanlandingham, Director Payment Services ($1.5B assets America’s First FCU – Birmingham, AL)


“Altra is converting our core system to Fiserv DNA in Spring 2016. In anticipation of this transition and expected call volumes, Altra sought out AnyHour Solutions to provide backup customer service. Altra chose AnyHour Solutions over other providers because of their ability to have organic conversations. In addition, their software offers their agents the same experience every time for efficiency which includes a knowledge base to provide agents the confidence to handle our members with ease. Altra is thrilled to have AnyHour Solutions provide overflow assistance beyond the software conversion to provide timely member services.”
– Julie Schippers – AVP, Member Contact Center (Altra Federal Credit Union – Onalaska, WI)


“February 2015 marks five years that AnyHour Solutions has been our call center outsourcing vendor – supplementing our internal call center with overflow and after-hours support. I can honestly say they’ve done an outstanding job for our members and have been great for our staff to work with as well. With their ability to directly access our EPL iPower core system it enables the AnyHour call agents to provide a very comprehensive level of 24/7 support to our members. I highly recommend AnyHour’s contact center services to any other credit union, and especially to other credit unions using the EPL iPower core system. We look forward to an ongoing close partnership with AnyHour Solutions.”
– Winona Nava, President/CEO, Guadalupe Credit Union


“Our partnership with AnyHour provides members a seamless approach to service 24X7. AnyHour’s custom integration to our Symitar core – written by AnyHour’s partner KIVA Group – enables the member to receive a deeper level of service during afterhours. Since launching with AnyHour we have been able to shorten our internal hours of operation for our Phone Center allowing us to balance our staffing during our normal business hours.”
– Heidi Kim, SVP Operations, First Credit Union (Chandler, AZ)


“As a training director I was very impressed both with how quickly the AnyHour call agents learned our system and particular environment and were able to develop a very comfortable, effective rapport with our members.”
– Tanya Romero, Training Director, Guadalupe CU