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Smart Benefits for Your Members and You

With AnyHour, your members and customers win in two ways. They first meet today’s financial demands. They also keep large amounts of interest income working for them long-term at your institution.

As a seamless extension of your institution, AnyHour Loan-By-Phone makes it possible for you to:

Depending on product and decisioning criteria, your loans can be processed application-to-decision in as few as five minutes at any time of day. Best of all, you will help increase your institution’s profit margin, which ultimately benefits both you and your borrowers.

AnyHour Makes Sense

  • Interest on a $10,000, 48-month loan at 5.5% interest: $1,162.73
  • Cost of taking and decisioning that loan with AnyHour: about $30

Your returns are evident. We implement your lending policies and then deliver the 24/7 service your members expect and deserve.

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