AnyHour’s newest service offering is an artificial intelligence-driven automated member service solution specially trained for the banking industry. We call this new service AnyHour AI.

Benefits of deploying the AnyHour AI chatbot:

  • Designed for the financial industry. Able to recognize over 800+ common banking questions immediately upon deployment, the chatbot can take pressure off contact center staff by providing an intuitive self-service option.
  • Greatly reduced member wait time, call center load, and operating costs
  • No AI nor IT staffing investment for the CU. AnyHour AI is a managed system taking care of everything with cloud-based SaaS, which allows you to offer a chatbot service without building, managing, or maintaining a costly, complex language understanding model and data science team.
  • Personalized conversations across multiple channels. The AnyHour AI chatbot can make each member feel like a valued individual rather than an account number. Emulating personal, human-to-human interaction, AnyHour AI can be deployed on your website, online banking, mobile app, and more.
  • Chatbot availability. Chatbots never get sick or tired, take breaks, make mistakes, or take up space. They can handle many member interactions simultaneously and are available 24/7/365. There is no hold time, and they provide a consistent level of member service.
  • Seamless handoff. When live agents are needed, however, the AnyHour AI chatbot can transfer the caller over to an expertly-trained AnyHour agent to deliver the all-important human touch where needed, 24/7/365. These two services go seamlessly well together to support one another to provide an elevated engagement for all types of inquiries; those that require instant help as well as routine requests–resulting in ultimate efficiency and member satisfaction.

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