Real estate agent with couple shaking hands closing a dealAnyHour Solutions has finely tuned many years of loan-by-phone experience to bring you complete and secure online lending services.

When borrowers visit the front end of your customized online application, they see your brand and colors, which identifies AnyHour Online as a service of your institution.

On the back end, your institution has a fully customized Customer Access Panel, a secure online loan-retrieval system that safeguards your borrowers’ sensitive personal data. This information is not sent over e-mail; rather, your representatives can retrieve applications at their convenience.

AnyHour Online utlilizes the same decisioning software as AnyHour Loan-By-Phone. This ensures that your bprrowers receive consistent results according to criteria that you establish. Decisions can often be presented in 30 seconds or less!

We can have you ready to accept online loans in about a week. Discover today just how easy it is to offer this important service to your borrowers.


AnyHour Online’s 24/7 loan approval service offers multiple benefits. Borrowers can apply for a loan privately, at their own pace, at any time they wish. Plus, when they see their bank or credit union offering additional products to serve them, their sense of customer satisfaction increases.

Offering online loans helps improve your institution’s bottom line as well. You can decide what level of instant-approval criteria works for you. You can also include risk-based and relationship pricing, which will be factored into the application and quote.

Loan requests that are too large, too small or unable to meet your criteria are not accepted. This filtering is performed at no cost to you. You can block repeat applicants who abuse the service as well – also at no extra charge.

Whether your borrowers apply through AnyHour Loan-By-Phone or AnyHour Online, you receive high-quality loan applications that meet your established criteria. What a way to enhance credit union earnings!

AnyHour Makes Sense

  • Interest on a $10,000, 48-month loan at 5.5% interest: $1,162.73
  • Cost of taking and decisioning that loan with AnyHour: about $30

Your returns are evident. We implement your lending policies and then deliver the 24/7 service your members expect and deserve.