Your partnership with AnyHour Mortgage ensures that you provide the mortgage products that help your members achieve home ownership safely and responsibly.

These conventional and specialty mortgage products include:

  • 15-year fixed
  • 30-year fixed
  • ARMs
  • Jumbos
  • Interest-only
  • Nonconforming
  • Tough Credit
  • FHA

You will have the right of first refusal on each loan and earn revenue on every loan sold. Your institution can put the loan on your books and earn interest over the life of the loan, or sell it in the secondary market and earn immediate revenue – with zero risk.

Your AnyHour Mortgage website offers updated rates, location-based fees, mortgage FAQs, payment calculators, decisioning and disclosures for your state.

AnyHour is an extension of your organization. As such, your members will receive the personalized service they deserve and expect from you. Plus, your member will work with the same originating mortgage professional throughout the process. This consistency ensures a positive borrowing experience.


AnyHour is a complete mortgage solution for seamless service to your members.

Our experienced representatives will work closely with your member to find the ideal loan. In doing so, we’ll help them fund their dream of ownership while increasing their loyalty to you.

close up house's model on banking account book with calculator, coin and pencil on table for planning of home loan mortgage refinance or retention interest rates , business and financial conceptOur mortgage service representatives will:

  • Complete borrower applications
  • Make loan decisions based on pre-defined criteria that you can control
  • Fulfill the mortgage in your name.

Whether by Internet or phone, we handle:

  • Pre-qualification and disclosure
  • Conventional, jumbo, and tough-credit mortgage options
  • Underwriting
  • Closing
  • Delivery to a secondary market (If desired)

Your members can even apply for a mortgage in person. Our easy-to-use software interface provides your on-site member service representatives with the full support of our experienced representatives.

The bottom line is that your members receive the mortgage services they need from you.


Like the rest of the AnyHour Solutions product portfolio, AnyHour Mortgage allows your members to manage their personal finances whenever they have time. They can apply for a mortgage at night, on weekends or even during holidays – and have their preliminary decision in 15 minutes or less!

We research the best rates and most popular products daily so your members don’t have to. Our mortgage specialists complete all of the processing and underwriting and find the mortgage that works best for your member. You don’t need to provide personnel or train them. From day one, our experience works to your advantage!

We can have you ready to offer mortgages within a week. Your institution will achieve substantial returns with even just a few closings each month. Plus, your members stay with you rather than take their business to the bank down the street.


Our vast experience in the credit union market has allowed us to tailor our mortgage-marketing program to increase your volume and improve your bottom line.

All proven print material campaigns including postcards, posters and statement stuffers drive traffic to your institution’s website and distinct 800 number. Your members always perceive your institution as the one providing the service!

We offer two solutions that can be accessed through your own website. The first option looks and operates like an integrated part of the site. The second choice offers complete functionality with less customization.

Marketing additional critical services to your account holders shows that you can take care of whatever your members might need, even if they do not require mortgage assistance.

This impression contributes to satisfied, life-long members. We are ready right now to help you make sure members know what you offer as experts – and to help you achieve your retention goals.