AnyHour MSR is a full-service, 24/7/365, outsourced call/contact center solution that provides rapid, skilled, and confidential deposit-side service to your customers. Equipped with intelligent tools, AnyHour call agents can quickly answer customer questions, resolve problems, and assign inquiries to the appropriate specialist at your institution when necessary. By letting AnyHour handle your customer calls, your onsite support personnel are free to focus on other more productive and profitable tasks

Core Integration

With AnyHour MSR we establish a real-time connection/integration to your core processing system (via secure core API) to handle virtually any customer service request. This integration allows AnyHour to provide a comprehensive level of customer service. Our IT technicians have already completed this integration work to most of the industry core systems. And we’re well-equipped to complete any other type of system integration you require.

Common AnyHour MSR service capabilities include:

  • 24/7/365 supplement to your internal call center (or total outsource)
  • Handling 80-90% of all customer inquiries (with other items sent to a secure ticketing portal for easy retrieval by bank personnel)
  • Access to all customer account information and transaction history
  • Internet & mobile banking support (PIN resets, etc.)
  • ATM/debit/credit card support, including fraud assistance
  • Knowledge base customized to bank requirements

In addition, AnyHour Solutions is there to assist you with any call disruption events (weather issues, internal illness, breach/phishing scams, any type of conversion event – chipcard, home banking, core, etc.) We helped many of our clients navigate customer services during the 2021-2022 pandemic.