AnyHour has a partnership with REDi Enterprise Development Inc. (REDi) to Provide 24/7/365 call center support to their financial institution clients using their industry leading REDiVerify suspicious activity workflow management system for Fraud detection. AnyHour completes a real-time connection to each institution’s REDiVerify system to support their customer callers.

About REDi

REDi is a leading provider of automated risk management services for financial insitutions. The company’s flagship software, Verify powered by REDi, enhances the security of debit card transactions by making the customer part of the fraud prevention process. Leveraging low-cost communication methods designed to connect with customers through the channel of their choice, the system can successfully verify suspicious transactions in real time. With the addition of the AnyHour Solutions 24/7/365 call center to REDi’s existing communication methods, such as email, SMS, IVR, mobile and third-party mobile integration, banks and customers alike can rest assured that they are well equipped to handle fraud and respond at any time of day to customer inquiries.

AnyHour Services

AnyHour’s 24/7/365 call center services are designed to work with a bank’s existing customer service operation to manage overflow as well as after-hours and weekend calls more efficiently. Based on your bank’s needs, incoming calls can be seamlessly routed to the AnyHour call center during specific days and hours to ensure customers always receive the same superior service. In addition, each bank is provided with their own dedicated toll-free number uniquely branded for them to eliminate any confusion between customers and call center staff.

AnyHour’s call center handles incoming inquiries from customers and manages standard common interactions such as customer verification, transaction acceptance/rejection, card activation/deactivation and contact center updates.